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All the garlic scapes are removed. Now it is time to wait.

The last of the garlic scapes have come off the plants. Several jars of pickles scapes made, several jars of garlic scape pesto to come. We have and will follow the recipes posted on our recipe page!

With removing the garlic scapes, plant senescence has accelerated. As you can see by the increasing yellowing of the leaves.

The cool damp weather this spring and summer offered up to us so far is a bit concerning. In order to properly develop the skins of the garlic bulbs need to be somewhat dry underground. Typically a few weeks before harvest garlic plants should receive no water, otherwise the garlic bulbs will be in danger of rotting. Let's hope this doesn't happen. But hey that's the "ahem" fun of farming! Every year is different!

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Well, let's hope for some dry weather. When do you typically harvest, Harold?

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