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Happy (much belated) New Year

Howdy again! It has been a long long time since the last post. I am going to blame it on how strange time feels these days. With the circumstances we and the world find ourselves each day that passes feels very much the same as the last. It's like we are all in the movie Groundhog day! The days are long but the months are short. Anyway maybe for us, but not for the garlic bulbs! In spite of our chickens rampaging through them, the garlic is bound and determined to make its way up and out of the soil.

As we progress through the coldest part of year and the garlic keeps growing stayed tuned for more updates. I think we can collectively look forward to good things as we get closer and closer to harvest. Take care everyone and stay safe.

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Sure thing!


...and with any luck, at harvest time, we can actually meet at the farm and do farm gate???

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